Case Studies

Because it’s all about the people…. 

As researchers we specialise in numbers, data and accuracy. We don’t specialise in emotion. However, The Flourish Movement has been a very emotional project to work on. This project has been eye opening in terms of what an extraordinary group of people School Leaders are. We are incredibly lucky to work with these amazing professional every day. And even though we love looking at the quantitative results of the program, the testimonials in this page are what really makes it so special and this is the reason why we keep doing what we do. 

Samantha Donovan – School Principal, QLD

Scott Anderson – School Principal, QLD

Linda Wilbraham – School Principal, NSW

Greg Daniels – School Principal, NSW

John Bond – School Principal, NSW

Jodi Niedermayer – School Principal, NSW

Zoe Harlow – School Principal, QLD

Renee Austin – School Principal, QLD


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