Driven by Data


We are driven by data. It’s been data that led us to design and develop this program and it’s data that continues to make it successful. The data is what allows us to evolve the program on an ongoing basis that every group we run is customised to that group’s needs. This is how we continue to get consistent results for our Flourishers!  Put simply, data is our middle name (ok Adam’s middle name is Michael but you see where we are going here). 

The findings of our work are so rigorous, they have been presented at Industrial and Organisational Psychology conference in 2019 and have been published in scientific journals. It’s also the basis of our report to the NSW Department of Education. You can see how much we love our data by the fact that the report is over 100 pages – Don’t worry there is a summary up front for those of you who’s level of geek is not as high.


We are evidence based

 The program was built from the latest research into wellbeing and performance as well as from the recommendations from Principal Wellbeing report and is the only program of it’s kind to measure the impact through a University – not by us.

Designed with School Leaders

While we researched the work of school leaders and how this has changed over recent times heavily, we took the time to ask school leaders what they thought, what they believed they needed, what would work and what wouldn’t and incorporated this into the program. School Leaders have untapped wisdom and we weren’t going to miss out on hearing what they had to say.

We get results

 We all know that wellbeing is essential and yet at times it is seemingly ever elusive.  Our program not only helps you feel better in the moment but has lasting impact on your wellbeing. If you are spending your time with us we want to ensure your return on investment. We measure that too. Yep we are totally over the top with this data stuff.  The financial ROI is 1.7 in the first year alone (and that doesn’t even take into account the physical health benefits!)

Our Data

2019 Report to the NSW Department of Education

This report represents the findings and learning from the Flourish Movement. It also documents the changes that occurred in school leader’s wellbeing, effectiveness and mental health as a result of the program. Click below to read the full report.

The Flourish Movement Results

This is an overview of the results our amazing Flourish School Leaders have achieved. These are independently measured by Deakin University. Click on the image below to see the program’s latest results.


The importance of doing the research

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