They say there are only 7 types of stories, this one is definitely the heroes journey where they try to slay a dragon. Just to manage your expectations none of our heroes can ride a horse, look good in a suit of armour or are charming enough to be a Prince. What they lack in these areas they make up for in purpose and conviction. The dragon they are trying to slay is the poor level of wellbeing and fulfilment in school leaders. It may not breathe fire, but this very real dragon damages their mental health, their relationships, their love for the job and their capacity to improve the education experience our children have. 

Every quest starts with the brave one who steps up and does what no one else is prepared to do. Brave is also code for ‘the unstable one’ in the group, who’s enthusiasm and vision is infectious to others. Meet Bob Willetts, he came up with the idea to initiate a quest to change the face of wellbeing for school leaders and increase the fulfilment they get from their job. Without Bob there would be no Flourish. He is our instigator and our champion of the program.

With any quest we need a guide. Dr Adam Fraser was inspired by the vision of what Flourish could achieve and it’s alignment with his values, so he grabbed his staff and hit the trail. Dr Adam Fraser designed the structure of The Flourish Movement program, he used his research and IP to create the content, he presents the workshops and he also manages the behaviour change side of the program. His team oversees all the logistics of the program to make it an incredible experience for the school leaders and make their lives easier.

No quest is complete without the wise sage. This is the one that ensures the quest achieves what it needs to do. Enter Dr John Molineux. His role in The Flourish Movement is to conduct the research. He gets deep inside the heads of the school leaders to understand their world and how they can change it to improve their effectiveness and wellbeing. He also measures the impact of Flourish and enables us to whole heartedly stand by our results.

Now, they may not be your first choice of people you’d talk to at a party, but together this team is unbeatable and the impact they have made is nothing short of remarkable.