What is Flourish?

A better future for school leaders. 

What school leaders have in common is they have a suit of armour that they pull on each day to go to work. While this armour protects them, it is a heavy burden to carry. Its maintenance requires them to push themselves constantly, to overwork, to over commit and to feel guilty about taking time for themselves or their family.  

You could say in some ways the school leaders are too devoted, too resilient and too optimistic for their own good. 

The Flourish Movement is a place where they can take off the armour, sit with their colleagues, be supported, have authentic and real conversations while creating a legacy of wellbeing and fulfilment for current and future school leaders.

Why Focus On Wellbeing?

What we know is if school leaders fail to look after themselves, their personal life and wellbeing suffer and in turn their school is not getting the best version of their leader.

Wellbeing may seem like something we don’t need to have a program for. That as adults and indeed as school leaders, if we can run a school, we should be able to get our wellbeing sorted. But our research shows a different story.

We need to protect School Leaders not because they are weak but because they are too strong.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

– Margaret Mead


Our Purpose

We started working on The Flourish Movement in 2016. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of school leaders across the country.  Our research shows that this is one of the most complex, challenging and daunting roles we have come across in 25 years of research. 

The only way that school leaders withstand this role is that they have incredibly high levels of resilience, commitment, and optimism. This is beyond a vocation for them. However, this comes at a cost to their mental health, wellbeing and their personal life. 

The purpose of The Flourish Movement is to:


Improve their wellbeing and reduce burnout

Improve their leadership and efficiency

Help them rediscover the love they have for the job

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Structure of the Program


Phase 1 – Research 

  • We partner with Deakin Business School to understand the world of school leaders. This phase includes a survey, a diary study and a one-on-one interview with a researcher from Deakin University. 


Phase 2 – Intervention

  •  Education – Done through 4 full day workshops complete with workbook – 1 term apart, where the group get together at an offsite location.
  • Behaviour change strategies – These are a series of initiatives that will facilitate behaviour change in the School Leaders and make it easier for them to implement the information presented in the sessions. 
  • Collegial support – A large part of this program is the School Leaders learning from each other and supporting each others development.


Phase 3 – Re-testing

  • We measure the impact of the program.


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